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Liqua Traditional Tobacco..
Liqua Traditional Tobacco..
Traditional Tobacco 50ml Bottle - New Bigger size Bottle 20% discount is not valid on this product Made by Liqua, An excellent true tasting tobacco...
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5 product stars
The Best so far - Dizzy - 04/19/2013
Tried the Bright,USA, and the traditional tobacco. They are all great tobacco flavours but I love the traditional the most - it has a fantastic REAL tobacco flavor, French pipe is next on my list

5 product stars
Good alternative - Leo - 05/29/2013
I was looking for a good vape while enjoying a beer on friday nights and this is good, not too sweet to ruin the pint, just right.

5 product stars
Buy loads - jedi - 08/03/2013
The best tobacco flavor ever whether you smoke it alone or mix it with a touch of other liquid. Having tried 20 odd tobacco liquids this is the best

5 product stars
may be one of the best tobacco flavour - M Shedid - 08/07/2013
I've been vaping for just over 2 years and never cross my mind to try LIQUA liquids, and after trying so many I thought well one more is not going to hurt, took the plunge and ordered the traditional and the American which I'll describe it ON it's own page, reviewing-E liquids is difficult because people have so many different tastes but in my own opinion I have to say I might just find my self an all day tobacco vape why?1 - it has a nice , elegant , smooth tobacco flavour2 - very moreish after you take on draw you feel you want to take the second one straight to find out more about the flavour3 - it smells very nice it has a very light smell, unlike some of the ones on the market that they smell like a burnt tyre4 - produces a good throat hit without being to harsh and a good vapour to5 - I think it will be excellent base for mixing or enhancing other flavours6 - it will appeal to so many different tastes like the "RY4" for exampleall the above is an indication of a good quality liquid, try it and see if you disagree with any of the above

5 product stars
Just like a roll up - Paul - 11/22/2013
just like a roll up this one, and its good, like it very much

4 product stars
OK taste, good TH - Steve in Ludlow - 11/10/2013
Got the 24mg. This is my first e liquid so nothing to judge against yet. For me, the flavour is close to cigs and maybe thats not what I am really after. The TH is strong (on the 24mg) and reasonable vapour. Lots of good reviews on Youtube even amongst non tobacco fans. Will be looking for something with a little more sweetness next time.